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Emerging Russian Civil Aircraft Manufacturing Base

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)  provides detailed global and regional market views for the next twenty years.  For comparisons with other manufacturers, selects Avi8ion’s pages on Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, COMAC and Mitsubishi.

With emerging capabilities, UAC continues consolidating and growing expertise in successful commercial aircraft design and manufacturing.  Incorporating design experience proven aircraft manufacturers such as Tupolev, Ilyushin and Yakovlev Design Bureaus, as well as current practices of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and Irkut Corporation, UAC is strengthening it’s market offerings.

Key to this growing capability was the 2011 market entry of the 100-seat Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (SSJ). This new passenger aircraft family is in demand in both foreign and domestic markets. SSJ flying operations are underway in the CIS, Western Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Enter the MC-21

Building on this success, UAC is developing the medium range MC-21 passenger aircraft.  The MC-21 first flew on May 28, 2017.  UAC’s airplane design and production capabilities are maturing to meet  global standards and requirements required of modern industrial economies. The MC-21 is scheduled for first deliveries in 2020.

The UAC twenty-year market forecast provides detailed global and regional projections and growth demand.  Further, the details different aircraft segments including passenger, cargo, regional, and business aircraft. This detailed information is provided throughout its regional compilations.


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